WBC Roster Watch: The first indications of the 2013 Dominican Republic Roster?

The Dominican Republic national team has a official Twitter feed. It’s in Spanish, of course, but thanks to the internet, here’s what it had to say yesterday, according to Google Translate:

Tony Pena, as a leader, will lead the coaching staff Dominican.

Felix Fermin bench coach Alfredo Griffin first, Juan Samuel third, Bill Castro Launchers …

Denio Gonzales Jose Cano Hitting and Pitching, complete the team’s coaching staff.

Edwin Encarnacion, Willin Rosario, Octavio Dotel, Starlin Mars, and Carlos Santana, attended the activity.

Besides them, Ervin Santana, Edinson Volquez, Carlos Gomez, among others, were present.

General manager @ MoisesAlou18 said other players like A. Pujols, could not attend, but given the support

In short, here’s what it means:

Tony Pena will be the manager of ’13 DR team. Felix Fermin will be the bench coach, Alfredo Griffin the third base coach, etc.

And, more notably, there were some players who attended the news conference about the coaching staff. Here they are, and keep in mind my previous projections for Team DR:
Edwin Encarnacion
Wilin Rosario
Octavio Dotel
Starlin Marte
Carlos Santana
Ervin Santana
Edinson Volquez
Carlos Gomez

Rosario, Dotel, Carlos Santana, Volquez and Carlos Gomez all were in my projections, as was Albert Pujols, who wasn’t at the press conference but apparently gave Moises Alou his “support”, so I guess that means he’d presumably be willing to play as well.

So does this mean that all of these guys will be on the Dominican Republic roster? No, but this news does confirm that all of them are at least interested, and so presumably will be on the provisional rosters when they are released next week. So I guess it could be considered a preview of a preview.

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