Some quick blog dealings

Just a few quick blog dealings for today:

-First off, a big thanks to everyone who has visited the Continuum this month so far. Already, January is the most successful month in the site’s history, and this has been the most successful week in the site’s history, and Thursday was the most successful day in the site’s history. So thank you for helping make these recent days so successful, but remember that this success is only because of you, the readers. So don’t forget to check back regularly and tell your friends about the site.

-Don’t forget that the Old Time Family Baseball blogathon that I mentioned yesterday is going on now, and my contribution will be up sometime tomorrow.

-The Glossary has been updated with a few more terms.

-Just another reminder that Joe Connor’s WBC guide remains for sale here at the Continuum, and can be found on this page.

-If you like what you see and would like to donate to the Continuum, you can now do so using the “Tip Jar” on the right side of the front page of the blog. All proceeds will go towards the Baseball Continuum and related expenses such as hosting, domain names and the like*.

*Well, that isn’t entirely truthful. If somebody drops thousands of dollars into it, I might use at least some of it to pay off some loans. But then again, if somebody drops thousands of dollars into the tip jar, I’ll personally do something for you on this blog.


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