Early WBC News for March 4, 2013

Not much news due to the fact the Western players are arriving and having initial workouts, but there is some:

Jesse Crain of the White Sox has had to pull out of Team Canada due to a shoulder injury (apparently some type of strain). But, have no fear Canada, because Joey Votto will be playing for you.

And, also, here are the possibilities for the Asian Pools as to how tiebreakers will work. I won’t go into super detail, but it’s like this:

Japan and Cuba have already advanced. Remaining games in Pool A are just for seeding and pride, and, for Brazil and China, likely a chance to avoid getting relegated back to qualifiers.

In Pool B, it’s more complicated. But, in essence, it’s like this:

If Taipei wins against Korea, and the Netherlands beats Australia, then CT and the Dutch advance.

If Korea wins and the Netherlands lose, then CT and Korea advance.

Basically, if CT wins, they’re in.

If the Netherlands beats Australia by 8 or more runs, then they advance basically no matter what.

If Korea beats Taipei by 4 or more runs, they advance basically no matter what.

But what if there’s a 3-way tie at the top and one of the above things doesn’t happen? Then it gets complicated… quoting Pat Lackey from The Outside Corner:

That means that — deep breath — Chinese Taipei will advance with a win, with a loss to South Korea by four runs or less, or a loss to South Korea by four runs or more coupled with a Netherlands loss to Australia or a Netherlands victory over Australia that doesn’t make up the run differential between the two sides. South Korea will advance with a win over Chinese Taipei by four runs or more or a win over Chinese Taipei by three runs or less, so long as Netherlands doesn’t beat Australia by one run more than they (meaning South Korea) beat Chinese Taipei by. Netherlands advances by beating Australia by at least eight runs or by beating Australia by at least one more run than by which South Korea beats Chinese Taipei. This holds true even if Korea beats Chinese Taipei by four runs, because in that case a five-run win by Netherlands will give them a better differential by Chinese Taipei by one run. There is a caveat here: if Korea beats Chinese Taipei by nine runs or more,  all Netherlands has to do is win. Got it?


It is also technically possible for Australia to advance if they beat Netherlands and Chinese Taipei beats South Korea because that would result in Netherlands, Korea, and Australia all sitting at 1-2. Unfortunately for  Australia, their run differential is currently -9, so either they’d have to crush Netherlands or they’d have to narrowly beat Netherlands while Chinese Taipei crushes South Korea. Neither of those results seems terribly likely.

Got all of that? Okay, come back later for more WBC news.

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