The Dominican moves to the top spot in the Post-WBC Baseball Continuum Rankings

With the WBC over, the Baseball Continuum Rankings have been updated. The rankings take into account both individual games as well as the overall 1-16 rankings that the WBC participants ended up being ranked into at the end.

And the biggest jump in the Rankings after the WBC came in the case of the Dominican Republic. Their eight wins and #1 finish added 90.89 points to their total, rocketing them up to 269.89 total points, putting them in first for in the Baseball Continuum Rankings, ahead of the USA (231.079, having lost about 3 points in the Classic).

The team that suffered the most from the Classic was Australia. Their 0-3 record and last-place finish (based on tie breakers) caused them to lose 98.5 points, sending them tumbling to -28.5 points.

So, go below the jump for the latest Baseball Continuum Rankings, as of March 20, 2013:

BASEBALL CONTINUUM RANKINGS (AS OF MARCH 20, 2013, previous placement noted in parentheses if different):

1.Dominican Republic 269.89 (Previously 4)

2.USA 231.079 (1)

3.Japan 229.674 (5)

4.Cuba 224.89 (2)

5.Puerto Rico 216.14 (9)

6. Netherlands 193.05 (7)

7.Venezuela 130.137 (6)

8.Canada 116.48 (3)

9. Taipei 104.97 (12)

10. Korea 97.47 (T10)

11. Italy 92.94 (15)

12. Panama 90 (T10)

13. Mexico 88.883 (8)

14.Nicaragua 55

15.Colombia 15 (T16)

16.Germany 0 (18)

17. Australia -28.50 (13)

18. China -47.05 (19)

19. Spain -51.08 (T16)

20.Great Britain -60 (21)

21. Brazil -74.946 (20)

22.Philippines -75

23.Pakistan -90

24.Argentina -105

25.Thailand -120

26.Czech Republic -135

27.South Africa -150

28.Israel -165

29.New Zealand -180

30.Sri Lanka -195

31.Croatia -210

32T.Indonesia -232.5

32T.France -232.5

The Continuum Rankings will continue to be updated as more international competitions between Senior National Teams as well as in some cases games between national champions are completed. In addition, other factors such as year-end IBAF rankings, amount of MLB players and Win Shares produced and other considerations will continue to play a role as well.

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