Headlines from the past: Black Sox acquitted… but still banned.

Often forgotten is that the “Eight Men Out” actually were acquitted of their role in the scandal by the jury (it is a bit complicated as to why- it includes confessions going missing, amongst other things). Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis didn’t care though, and let everyone know it, as this headline from the Owosso (Michigan) Argus-Press from August 3, 1921 says. And Landis kept his word: Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, Lefty Williams, Chick Gandil (the ringleader of the player side of the fix, who had already mysteriously retired to play semi-pro instead), Fred McMullin (who was a scrub who only was a part of the fix because he’d heard about it and wanted in), Swede Risberg, Happy Felsch and Buck Weaver (who didn’t take part in it, but had known about it and didn’t tell anybody) never played professional baseball again.

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