Jeff Kent on Survivor… and other retired ballplayers who should do “reality” TV

Jeff Kent is one of the greatest hitting second-basemen of all time (he leads the position in career homers), and a likely future Hall of Famer. He also infamously fought Barry Bonds in the dugout once.  He is also, according to some sources, going to be on the next season of Survivor. It is not without precedent: he previously took part in Superstars, and Survivor had Jimmy Johnson in 2010.

This leads to the humorous question of what other retired ballplayers should partake in reality TV. Hey, not every post can be about injuries, prospects, the World Baseball Classic or stupid comic books from the 1940s.


Ozzie Smith in Dancing with the Stars: The family Smith actually has a history in reality television, as his son Nikko came in 9th during a season of American Idol. Interestingly, the daughter of Ozzie’s teammate Joe Magrane also was on Idol, proving that the St. Louis Cardinals clearly must be a literal breeding ground for singers. Now, the Wizard is getting into his late 50s, and probably can’t do a backflip anymore, but what other Hall of Famer can you think of who’d do well on Dancing with the Stars?

David Wells on Big Brother. What, you thought I’d say Biggest Loser? Shame on you. Now, David Wells just kind of hanging out in a house with several far-too-beautiful “ordinary people”? That would be funny.

Curt Schilling on Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump has had ballplayers on in the past: Darryl Strawberry and Jose Canseco were on. However, neither of them have had the known business acumen and conservative politics that the Donald loves. Besides, after his video game company debacle, he’ll need all of the semi-good publicity he can get.

Rickey Henderson on The Amazing Race. Sadly, it isn’t a footrace.

Hank and/or Hal Steinbrenner on Undercover Boss. Okay, they aren’t former players, but it’s too easy to not pass up.

So, does anyone else have any suggestions?

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