Jim Thome: Just another 500 HR hitter to play for the Orioles

Jim Thome is, according to MLB Network, going to the Baltimore Orioles. It makes sense: the Phillies have been floundering with their bats on the DL and every starting pitcher not named Cole Hamels either hurt or having a sub-par season (if they continue to rest in the basement, look for Hamels to get shopped around too). The Orioles, having fallen behind New York but still fighting everybody else in the AL East, could always use another bat.

Or maybe they are just continuing the long Orioles tradition of having a member of the 500 Home Run Club play for them at one point or another during their career. Check the jump for what I mean.

Now, because of Thome, there have been six members of the 500 HR club to play for the Orioles at some point in their career:

  • Eddie Murray, of course, hit 343 of his 504 career HR for the Orioles.
  • Sammy Sosa hit 14 of his 609 home runs for the Orioles.
  • Frank Robinson hit 179 of his 586 homers in an Orioles uniform.
  • Rafael Palmeiro hit 223 of his 569 homers as an Oriole.
  • Reggie Jackson hit 27 home runs during his lone season with the Orioles. He hit 563 during his career.
  • And now there is Jim Thome.


It’s somewhat interesting that so many 500 HR hitters play at least a portion of their career in Baltimore. It also is somewhat fitting, considering that Babe Ruth, the quintessential slugger, was born and raised there (Ruth also was a Baltimore Oriole, albeit the International League team and not the Major League one).


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