Olympics Continuum: Samuel L. Jackson tweets the Olympics (Rated R for Language)

Throughout history, many great men have looked at sports despite being outside of it.


But none, perhaps, are more wise, more charismatic or more badass than Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, who has been watching and tweeting about the Olympics. And he seemingly does it in the same persona he has in basically every movie he is in (the man embraces his niche). Is it good? I don’t know. Is it a funny and off-beat look at the Olympics? Definitely.

Note: Not all of these tweets are appropriate for all ages. In fact, most of them aren’t. Cover the eyes of children and certainly don’t say them out loud in the presence of children. Go after the jump for them.

Samuel L. Jackson’s first tweet about the Olympics came on the day of the Opening Ceremonies:

After asking people for predictions on badminton and field hockey (and noting the beatdown that the USA badminton team received), Sam took a turn to be amazed at South Korea’s top archer, Im-Dong Hyun, who is legally blind. Taking a nod to one of the other characters in The Avengers, he tweeted this in response to some others who were equally amazed:

So, that night, Sam watched the taped-delay coverage, having either avoided or ignored the spoilers that spread on twitter for the taped coverage. Now, Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor, and is actually the highest-grossing actor of all time (i.e. the movies he has been in have grossed the most in history). But he probably wouldn’t make a good journalist, as he has no editorial neutrality, as this tweet shows:

Sam has also given us his opinions on some of the sports we only see in the Olympics. He likes Handball and Water Polo, but finds the Olympics version of boxing boring.

Sam also has been glad to note new world records in his own unique Samuel L. Jackson style, such as when Dana Vollmer set a new record in butterfly:

Even Sam Jackson, however, seems to have a limit to the amount of Olympics he can see. This was his last tweet as of this morning:

Stay tuned throughout the Olympics for more Olympics Continuum, bringing the more unusual and tongue-in-cheek look to the Summer Games.

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