What type of Olympians would MLB stars be?

Getting into the Olympic spirit, the folks across the pond at the BBC have created a neat little website that lets you enter your height and weight and it then tells you which Olympian is similar to you. Well, in theory, anyway. I’m sure their bodies are made up of way more muscle than the average Joe. I mean, I certainly am not built like a weightlifter, but it said I’m most similar to one.

However, let’s do a far better use of this already useless technology: find out what type of Olympic sport baseball players would play. Now, as I said, there is a difference between having the same height and weight as somebody and actually having the same type of body and abilities as them, but in general some things hold true: somebody who is smaller is more likely to be a gymnast or a weightlifter, while somebody tall is more likely to be playing hoops.

So, let’s get down to business:

Derek Jeter

The Yankees’ shortstop is listed on Baseball Reference as being 6’3” and 195 lb. As being, for better or worse, the most well-known  player in MLB, he works as a good person to start with. And, according the BBC, one of the Olympians he has a similar height and weight to is British doubles tennis player Ross Hutchins. Jeter actually probably would make a good tennis player, although I’d worry about how well he’d do getting balls hit to his left.

Justin Verlander

Verlander is 6’5” and 225 lb according to B-Ref. The Olympian in the BBC database (the BBC only included some of the Olympians) that most matches him is, fittingly, another person who throws a ball- Swedish Team Handball player Andreas Nilsson, who is actually a little taller than Verlander is.

Jon Rauch

Rauch, now with the Mets, is the tallest player in MLB: 6’11”. He’s also 295 lbs. One would think this would make him more likely to be a basketball player, but actually, he’s closest to German volleyballer Marcus Bohme, who has the nickname “Gigante”. Interestingly, Bohme is only 254 lbs., meaning Rauch would be one of the more unique-looking people in the Olympic village.

Jose Altuve

On the other end of the spectrum is Jose Altuve, the smallest player in baseball. The Houston 2B is a mere 5’5” (he weighs 170 pounds), and is the source of the “How Many Altuves?” site that allows users to convert things into the world’s newest unit of measurement: the Altuve.

So, what Olympian is Altuve most like? Well, it’s actually Thai weightlifter Chatuphum Chinnawong, who is slightly less than one Altuve tall, but is the same weight as Altuve.

Jonathan Broxton

Another outlier in Major League Baseball, Broxton, the relief pitcher who now is with Cincinnati, weighs 300 pounds and stands 6’2”. The most similar Olympian to him is taller and lighter: Russian shot putter Ivan Yushkov.

Billy Hamilton

Finally, what about Billy Hamilton? He’s not a MLB player yet, but Billy Hamilton is already making waves. The speedster is 6’1” and 160 pounds, according to MiLB.com. Not surprisingly, one of the athletes that the BBC matches Hamilton up to is British track and field Olympian Rhys Williams, who competes in the 400 M hurdles.

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