How FOX will be marketing the possible World Series matchups

A fun game to play during the playoffs is: What series does FOX want? After all, it’s no secret that FOX cares not for parity or entertainment, they care only for the ratings and money. However, the sad truth for them is that they cannot control it. So, here’s some advice to FOX for how they can market each of the possible World Series matchups (in rough order of what FOX would like).

Yankees vs. Giants: Ancient Rivals Face Off!

What Joe Buck could say as the series opens: “Seven times the Giants and Yankees have faced off for the World Series Title. Once, they fought for supremacy of New York but in ’62 the Yankees broke San Francisco’s hearts. Now, for the eighth time, two of baseball’s most historic clubs face off… NEXT on FOX!”

Yankees vs. Cardinals: The Greatest Franchises

What Joe Buck could say as the series opens: “107 times the World Series has been held, and over a third of a time, one of these two teams have come out victorious. The New York Yankees, winners of a record 27 titles. The St. Louis Cardinals, defending champions and pride of the National League, winners of 11 titles. Five times these teams have met, three times the Cardinals have come out on top. And now, the two titans of baseball face each other once again. 28 or 12 is coming in the 108th World Series, NEXT on FOX!”

Giants vs. Tigers: Aces Incorporated

What Joe Buck could say as the series opens: “It is said that pitching wins titles. The San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers likely agree. The Giants won the NL West on the strength of their pitching, led by the perfection of Matt Cain. The Tigers,  although bolstered by the offseason acquisition of Prince Fielder, also were led by their staff: Verlander, Fister, Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez. Now, they face off, with the World Series at stake, NEXT on FOX!”

Tigers vs. Cardinals: FOX’s nightmare

What Joe Buck could say as the series opens:  “The Cardinals have  returned to the World Series, looking to defend their crown and win their 12th title. In their way stand the Detroit Tigers, led by Triple-Crown winner Miguel Cabrera and Cy-Young Candidate Justin Verlander. The World Series on FOX, next!”

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