The MVP of Yesterday (April 7, 2013): Billy Butler

There were lots of good candidates for the MVP of yesterday, but I’m going with Billy Butler of the Royals. The main reason for this is because Butler’s 7 RBIs made up seven of Kansas City’s 9 runs as they edged out the Phillies 9-8. By comparison, Will Middlebrooks‘ 3 dingers against Toronto and Carlos Santana had five hits against Tampa, those were in blowouts- Billy Butler’s performance came in a close game.

And that is why he is the MVP of Yesterday. Go below the jump for the current MVP standings:

Clayton Kershaw: 1

Yu Darvish: 1

Cliff Pennington: 1

Cliff Lee: 1

Chris Davis: 1

Justin Upton: 1

Billy Butler: 1

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