Britain moves up and Russia shows up on Continuum Baseball Rankings after European B-Levels

(For information on the Continuum Rankings and how they are figured out, go here.)

Over the past month or so, there have been qualifiers for Europe’s baseball championships that will take place next year, with two qualifying competitions in Europe’s “B-Level” of baseball competition. Great Britain and Russia won their pools, and they benefited from it greatly in the Continuum Baseball Rankings, with the British jumping from 20th overall to 18th overall, and Russia entering the rankings at 32.

If you are curious, the countries that had not been in the rankings before today were given initial scores based on how far back they were of Indonesia and France in the IBAF world rankings.

Anyway, to see the latest ratings/rankings, go below the jump.


BASEBALL CONTINUUM RANKINGS AS OF JULY 30, 2013 (previous placement noted in parenthesis when different):

1.Dominican Republic 269.89

2.USA 231.079

3.Japan 229.674

4.Cuba 224.89

5.Puerto Rico 216.14

6. Netherlands 193.05

7.Venezuela 130.137

8.Canada 116.48

9. Taipei 104.97

10. Korea 97.47

11. Italy 92.94

12. Panama 90

13. Mexico 88.883

14.Nicaragua 55

15.Colombia 15

16.Germany 0

17.Australia -28.50

18.Great Britain -41.71 (20)

19. China -47.05 (18)

20. Spain -51.08 (19)

21. Brazil -74.946

22.Philippines -75

23.Pakistan -90

24.Argentina -105

25.Thailand -120

26.Czech Republic -135

27.South Africa -150

28.Israel -165

29.New Zealand -180

30.Sri Lanka -195

31.Croatia -210

32.Russia -221.71 (Not in rankings)

33T.Indonesia -232.5 (32T)

33T.France -232.5 (32T)

35.Austria -234.43

36.Ukraine -235.47

37.Belarus -243.67

38.Bulgaria -245.6

39.Poland -260.60

40.Slovakia -265.3

41.Switzerland -268.1

42.Lithuania -278.56

43.Slovenia -291.48

44.Ireland -295.30

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