Mr. Octobers for Yesterday’s ALDS games (October 5, 2013)

The first game of yesterday, in which the Red Sox beat the Rays, is an easy pick: David Ortiz, who had his first multi-HR game of his illustrious postseason career, was the offensive Mr. October. On the mound, it was Koji Uehara, the closer for the Red Sox who squelched any chance of a final rally by the Rays with a surgical 1-2-3 9th inning. Interesting note: The Rangers traded Chris Davis to the Orioles for Uehara. Now they have neither. Whoops.

The second game, a true classic, is harder to pick. I mean, how do you pick between Sonny Gray and Justin Verlander, both who had games that would have sealed them as Mr. October winners otherwise? Well, I’m going to cheat a bit here: I’m not going to give out a position player Mr. October, instead, I’m giving out TWO pitching Mr. Octobers for this game. Now, of course, you could say Stephen Vogt could deserve the hitting Mr. October due to his walk-off single, but, well, he had failed in basically the same situation twice earlier in the game, so, sorry.

Standings (PP= Position Player, P= Pitcher):

PP David Ortiz- 3

P Koji Uehara- 3

P Justin Verlander- 3

P Sonny Gray-3

PP Carlos Beltran– 3

P Adam Wainwright– 3

PP Adrian Gonzalez– 3

P Clayton Kershaw– 3

P Gerrit Cole– 3

PP Pedro Alvarez– 3

P Jon Lester– 3

PP Shane Victorino -3

P Mike Minor– 3

PP Hanley Ramirez– 3

P Max Scherzer– 3

PP Yoenis Cespedes– 3

PP (Position Player) Russell Martin– 1

P (Pitcher) Francisco Liriano– 1

PP Desmond Jennings– 1

P Alex Cobb– 1

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