Your Offseason Baseball Viewing Listings for November 2, 2013

On internet and TV, here’s some games to keep the fire burning… all times are Eastern (note that they might bet screwed up by the daylight savings switch):

1:30 AM– JWBL “Japan Cup” Dione (JWBL) vs. Shobi University (College Team), will be streamed here.

Various Australian League Baseball Games, which can be accessed here. There are several doubleheaders and are on at various times from 1 AM all the way to 7:20 AM.

8 PM–  Arizona Fall League All-Star Game on MLB Network.

8 PM- JWBL “Japan Cup” Saitama Sakae (High School Team) vs. “The Lady Hornets”, will be streamed here.

10 PM– JWBL “Japan Cup” Participants TBD, will be streamed here.


(In addition, the Boston victory parade will be tomorrow starting at 9 and will no doubt receive coverage on MLB Network and ESPN)


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