The Andrelton Simmons deal is genius

When is it alright to pay a 248/.296/.396 hitter at least 58 million dollars for seven years?

When he’s Andrelton Simmons, who’s bat is secondary but who’s defense is beyond the realm of mortal man. Yes, the Honkballing shortstop for the Braves may only have played 206 games, but already, he may rank amongst the greatest defensive SS in history. No. Seriously.

Consider, for example, last season he made 49 more plays than the average shortstop would have made, and how only 22% of the Braves’ opponents were able to reach first when hitting a ground ball left of the 2nd base bag. He also prevented 41 runs from being scored, if you go by the Defensive Runs Saved stat.

Or, if you don’t have time for advanced statistics, just watch these 25 minutes of awesome:


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