The 2014 MLB Season Preview (Part 1): In Which We Set Our Scene

Last time we saw Major League Baseball- not counting Spring Training- the Red Sox had won the World Series.

And now, we begin again. When the Dodgers and Diamondbacks kick off the season in Australia, baseball, as it always has, will be both radically different but also the same.

Different, in that, for the first time ever, there will be expanded replay, with Football-style challenges added. Players like Robinson Cano will be in new places, while others, like Joe Mauer, will be at new positions. Mariano Rivera has retired. Also, Bryce Harper has been spending time at the gym.

But, it’ll still be the same. It’s still nine innings. It’s still three strikes and you are out. And the Cubs still haven’t won the World Series since the the Ottoman Empire was still around.

In the coming days, as spring training continues and the openers near, the Baseball Continuum will be looking at the 2014 in nearly every way I can think of: the serious, the insane, the funny and the insightful.

Buckle up.

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