Some stuff from the past week you should probably read

Here are some things from the past week that could make for some good reading if you have time:

First off, a long read on Tom Emanski and his baseball videos (and the endless commercials that stemmed from them) from Erik Malinowski.

The ever-great Joe Posnanski on Glen Perkins and his appearance in the All-Star Game.

An excellently written but extremely distubring story by Greg Hanlon on Mel Hall, professional ballplayer and pedophilic sexual predator. Needless to say… it’s not a happy story. Like… at all.

The Midseason GIF Awards.

And, of course, my look at Mr. Go.

1 thought on “Some stuff from the past week you should probably read

  1. I read the Mel Hall article. Deeply disturbing, particularly the part about the teenage girl whose family he lived with during his Yankee days. As a father of two girls, I can’t imagine putting one of my daughters into that kind of situation. But the most disturbing thing is that Hall was allowed to get away with it for so long.

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