Mr. Octobers of Last Night (Oct. 3, 2014)


O’s-Tigers: Kevin Gausman and Delmon Young.

Nationals-Giants: Joe Panik and Jake Peavy.

Dodgers-Cardinals: Matt Carpenter and NOBODY (nobody pitched good enough last night this game to get a Mr. October)

Angels-Royals: Yordano Ventura and Eric Hosmer


Standings (PP= Position Player, P= Pitcher, * means eliminated from playoffs):

P Kevin Gausman 3

PP Delmon Young 3

PP Joe Panik 3

P Jake Peavy 3

PP Matt Carpenter 3

P Yordano Ventura 3

PP Eric Hosmer 3

P Andrew Miller 3

PP Nelson Cruz 3

PP Mike Moustakas 3

P Jered Weaver 3

PP Brandon Crawford 1

P Madison Bumgarner 1

PP Brandon Moss 1*

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