Headlines from around the Continuum: October 22, 2014

A sampling of baseball-related headlines from the Newseum, with the occasional note from me on what they are talking about:

(Note that I try to copy the style of the paper as well, hence why some are in ALL CAPS while others aren’t. Also, I ignored extremely basic-and extremely common- headlines like “Giants win” or “Game 2 tonight”. I’ll occasionally make an exception for the team’s “home” newspapers)

Headline: Giants win Game 1, 7-1

San Francisco Chronicle: To start, a royal drubbing

San Francisco Examiner: Giants strike early, often

Kansas City Star: BUMMER

Bakersfield Californian: DETHRONED (w/ image of sad Royals fans)

Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA): Giants deliver Royals pain in Game 1


Monterey (CA) Herald: ROYAL CRUSH (was also used in other papers, too)

Oakland Tribune: ONE GIANT STEP (the San Jose Mercury News had the same headline, as did others)


San Mateo (CA) Daily Journal: ONE DOWN, THREE TO GO

The Record (Stockton, CA): SF fans gather to watch glory

Tampa Bay Times: WHAT A SHAME IN GAME 1 FOR BIG GAME JAMES (Note that James Shields got his start as a Ray)

The Hawk Eye (Burlington, IA): Royally Disappointed

Lawrence (KS) Journal-World: PUT AWAY YOUR BROOMS

Joplin (MO) Globe: ROUGH START

News-Leader (Springfield, MO): FEE-FI-FO-FUM (because Giants, get it?)


El Universal (Cartagena, Colombia): SERIE GIGANTE (Giant Series)

Novedades de Quintana Roo (Quintana Roo, Mexico): Gigantes da el primer golpe (“Giants tee off” or “Giants land the first blow” or something along those lines)

Vanguardia (Saltillo, Mexico): GIGANTES ROMPEN RACHA (“Giants break streak”)

La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua): Bumgarner estuvo gigante (“Bumgarner was giant”)

El Nuevo Dia (San Juan, Puerto Rico): PALIZA GIGANTE A KANSAS CITY (Could range, depending on translation, from simply saying that the Giants beat Kansas City to something like “Giant beating of Kansas City”)

Check back throughout the World Series for more headlines!

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