Headlines from around the Continuum: October 23, 2014

A sampling of baseball-related headlines from the Newseum, with the occasional note from me on what they are talking about:

(Note that I try to copy the style of the paper as well, hence why some are in ALL CAPS while others aren’t. Also, I ignored extremely basic-and extremely common- headlines like “Royals win” or “Game 3 tomorrow”. I’ll occasionally make an exception for the team’s “home” newspapers)

Headline: Royals win Game 2

San Francisco Chronicle: Sweep talk swept away in big inning

San Francisco Examiner: Roasted rookie (on Hunter Strickland)

Kansas City Star: GAME ON

Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA): Great start, rough finish for Giants

Monterey Herald (Monterey, CA): ROUGHED UP

Oakland Tribune: NO RELIEF (also the title for the San Jose Mercury News)

Sacramento Bee: Giants lose their edge

San Mateo (CA) Daily Journal: A ROYAL PAIN

Marin Independent Journal (San Rafael, CA): ROYAL REVENGE

Loveland (CO) Reporter-Herald: 1 AND 1

Miami Herald: THE MARLINS’ MR. OCTOBER (On Laurence Leavy, AKA “Marlins Guy”, who has a habit of going to World Series games in full Marlins regalia even though they aren’t playing)

The Hawk Eye (Burlington, IA): Back in the game

Lawrence (KS) Journal-World: ROYAL SMACKDOWN

Ottawa (KS) Herald: ROYAL BLUE (for a story on local Royals fans)

Joplin (MO) Globe: ROYAL ROUT (The same headline was used in Springfield)

Bozeman (MT) Daily Chronicle: ALL EVEN

Poughkeepsie (NY) Journal: A FAMILY’S JOURNEY (On Joe Panik, who grew up and went to High School not far from Poughkeepsie)

News & Advance (Lynchburg, VA): A ROYAL REVIVAL

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Pride of Clintonville (on Royals 3B coach Mike Jirschele, a Clintonville, WI native)

El Universal (Cartagena, Colombia): BUENA REACCIÓN (“Good reaction” or “Good Response”)

El Norte (Monterrey, Mexico): UNA REACCIÓN REAL (“A Royal Response” or “A Royal Reaction”)

Check back throughout the series for more!





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