Winter Meetings 2014 Tweets of the Day (December 8, 2014)

Throughout the 2014 Winter Meetings, I’ll be showcasing the best tweets. Here are yesterday’s.

The Veterans’ Committee didn’t elect anyone. This was an outrage that Old Hoss Radbourn would not let stand… until he thought about it a little:

Meanwhile, the entire proceedings are in some ways being held up by the fact that everyone is waiting to see where Jon Lester goes, and also how much he gets. Problem is, the news on him. It’s been Lester, Lester, Lester. So much, in fact, that I think poor “Yakyu Night Owl” may have gotten a bit confused (or, more likely, he was just making a joke about the Lester-thon):

Meanwhile, the Athletics are getting rid of everybody in one of those firesales that Billy Beane has every few years. It continued yesterday, with Brandon Moss and (although not yet official) Jeff Samardzija leaving town. These are like Marlins firesales, only slightly less aggravating for baseball in general and the Athletics always end up back in the playoffs in about two or three years anyway. Still, Jessica Kleinschmidt had a warning for all fans of the Athletics:

Oh, and Marc Normandin poked fun at one of the great off-season cliches: “Kicking the Tires”:


Come back tomorrow to see Tuesday’s best Winter Meetings tweets.


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