If I had a Hall of Fame ballot… (2014-2015)

Today, the latest inductees to get into the Hall of Fame will be revealed. If I had a ballot, here’s who I’d vote for (in rough order of likelihood that they actually will get in):

1. Randy Johnson

2. Pedro Martinez

3. John Smoltz

4. Craig Biggio

5. Mike Piazza

6. Tim Raines

7. Barry Bonds

8. Roger Clemens

9. Mike Mussina

10. Edgar Martinez

WOULD RECEIVE VOTES IF I WASN’T CAPPED AT 10: Jeff Bagwell, Curt Schilling, Fred McGriff, Alan Trammell, Jeff Kent, maybe McGwire and Sosa.

I’ll post my justifications later today or sometime tomorrow.


1 thought on “If I had a Hall of Fame ballot… (2014-2015)

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