Recurring Characters of the OOTP International Baseball Competition

Many of you have likely been following the International Baseball Competition here, in which I simulate a season-long World Baseball Classic-style competition between national baseball teams and also add in some storylines and cast of characters to spice things up. But if you haven’t read all of them, or simply are having trouble remembering, there’s a rundown of some of the cast of characters after the jump. It will be updated occasionally as the IBC season goes on:

Real Individuals in the IBC Storylines:

Pedro Martinez: HOF pitcher from the Dominican Republic, Pedro is one of the commentators for Dominican National Team games, although he occasionally will cover other marquee match-ups. First appearance: Day 1.

Jon Paul Morosi: A good-natured parody of the time that the FOX Sports baseball writer of the same name wrote (more-or-less) that Team USA failing to win the 2013 WBC would mean that America would have no claim to being the greatest baseball country in the world, despite the fact that the inherently random nature of a small sample of baseball games can lead to crazy stuff. First (and so far only) appearance: Day 1.

Ozzie Guillen: Colorful manager of Team Venezuela. Has been rather silent so far storyline-wise, but that will surely change later. First appearance: Day 1. First speaking appearance: Week 2.

Joe Maddon: Manager of Team USA, a little wacky. Occasionally makes obscure historic or cultural references and also frequently alludes to the fact he is in a computer simulation and the ridiculousness of it all. Began to be haunted by the Ghost of Babe Ruth in Week 4. First storyline appearance: Week 2.

Buck Showalter: Bench Coach of Team USA. The straight man to Joe Maddon’s madness. Not easily excited, can be a bit grumpy. First storyline appearance: Week 2.

Roberto Kelly: Manager of Team Panama. Had sharp words with the Panamanian media during Week 4 after being swept by Korea. First storyline appearance: Week 4.



Completely Fictional Characters in the IBC Storylines:

Ned Kelly O’Shaughessy: The announcer for Team Australia, known for his foul mouth, short temper, and love of alcohol. Exaggerates a lot and is prone to rapid mood swings based upon Team Australia’s performance. Dubbed the “Drunk Aussie Hawk Harrelson”. Is fluent in a profanity-based language only he and a few others, most notably the famously foul-mouthed Australian reliever Grant Balfour, can speak. First appearance: Day 1.

Mr. On-The-Air: The default OOTP play-by-play man, who is somehow able to call every game at once, even those with actual announcers storyline-covering them. First appearance: Day 1.

Jeff Jiff: The host of “Under The Knife”, the Injury Update show. Accidentally called himself Jake Jiff in his first appearance (Rest of Week 1) for reasons that remain unclear.

Scully-Bot 5000: A robotic announcer possessing an Artificial Intelligence version of Vin Scully inside of it. First appearance: Week 2.

Luigi Auditore: Announcer for Team Italy games. Secretly, he doesn’t speak a word of native Italian and uses Google Translate to figure out what to say. First appearance: Week 3.

The Ghost of Babe Ruth: The Ghost of George Herman Ruth. Began haunting Joe Maddon in Week 4, wanting to see Team USA put up 30 runs on a team because…. reasons. First Appearance: Week 4.

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