Yesterday’s Mr. Octobers (October 6, 2015)

It’s time for the Mr. Octobers of Yesterday!

What are the Mr. Octobers of Yesterday? Simple, for each postseason game (not day), there will be a Mr. October pitcher and a Mr. October position player. They will be awarded points based on the round and situation:

  • 1 for Wild Card Game
  • 3 for LDS (6 if a Game 5)
  • 5 for a LCS (10 if a Game 7)
  • 10 for a World Series (20 if a Game 7)

At the end of the postseason, the ones with the most will be the MR. OCTOBER of 2015.

So, for example, the Mr. Octobers of last night were Dallas Keuchel (pitcher) and Colby Rasmus (position player). So they each get one point to start.

Standings so far (PP= Position Player, P= Pitcher, * means eliminated from playoffs):

P Dallas Keuchel 1

PP Colby Rasmus 1

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