Headlines from Around The Continuum (October 10, 2015)

A sampling of baseball-related headlines from the Newseum, as well as occasionally some websites, with the occasional note from me on what they are talking about:

Headline: Rangers beat Blue Jays in 14, take 2-0 lead

Dallas News: Two in a row, quite a show

(Toronto) Globe and Mail: On the brink

Toronto Star: SHATTERED


Chronicle-Herald (Halifax): Noooooo!!!

Hamilton Spectator: ANOTHER LOSS


El Universal (Cartagena, Colombia): RANGERS, ARRIBA

El Nuevo Diario (Managua, Nicaragua): Texas pone contra la pared a Toronto (It means either “Texas placed against the wall in Toronto”- referring to how it took 14 innings, but I think it might more mean “Texas puts Toronto’s backs against the wall”, as in they have pushed Toronto to the brink of elimination)

El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela): Texas repitió en Toronto (“Texas repeated in Toronto”)

Headline: Royals tie up series with Astros

Kansas City Star: Houston, we have a series

Houston Chronicle: Astros, Royals all tied up

St. Joseph (Mo.) News-Press: SQUARED AWAY

Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World: OUT OF A JAM

Headline: Cardinals win Game 1 against Cubs

Chicago Tribune: BACK TO EARTH

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: ROOKIES ROCK & ROLL

Daily Herald (Suburban Chicago): Lester bested

Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat: RED OCTOBER IS HERE (needless to say, Belleville is in solid Cardinals territory)

Pantagraph (Bloomington, Ill.): Lackey, long ball life Cards to Game 1 win

Peoria (Ill.) Journal-Star: WELCOME TO ARMAGEDDON (It’s for a column about the series)

Post-Tribune (Merrillville, Ind.): LACKING

The Times (Munster, Ind.): CUBS BESTED IN GAME 1

Tribune-Star (Terre Haute, Ind.): Clash of Clans (on divided fan loyalties)

The Hawk Eye (Burlington, Iowa): HOUSE DIVIDED (similarly on divided fan loyalties)

The Gleaner (Henderson, Ky.): CARDINALS TAKE LEAD


Headline: deGrom wins match-up with Kershaw (due to how late the game ended, not as many papers had it on their front page)

New York Post: Wright on!

Daily News (from their website): deGROM-INANT

Pasadena Star-News: OLD-SCHOOL FANS KNOW THE SCORE: 3-1 (As there was also an article on people who keep score the old-fashioned way)

El Vigia (Ensenada, Mexico): Se repite la historia (“History repeats itself”- with a picture of Kershaw. Ouch.)




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