Introducing the Guest Writers of Blogathon 2016!

Hello, I’m taking a second away from actual Blogathon content to introduce you to the 42 people who will be guest-posting here at the Continuum tomorrow for the Baseball Continuum Blogathon! Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Michael Clair
  • Diane Firstman
  • Mike Oz
  • “Yakyu Night Owl”
  • Seth Poho
  • Jen Mac Ramos
  • Stacey Gotsulias
  • Alex Skillin
  • Marc Normandin
  • Patrick Dubuque
  • Matthew Kory
  • Gary Cieradowski
  • Ron Kaplan
  • Dan Epstein
  • Sean Lahman
  • The “Cespedes Family BBQ” Guys
  • Stephanie Liscio
  • Andrew Martin
  • John O’Hara
  • Eric Stephen
  • Dan Szymborski
  • Kayla Thompson
  • Jessica Quiroli
  • Dan Weigel
  • Jonathan Weeks
  • Nate Fish
  • Chris Kabout
  • Stacey Folkemer
  • Jason Cohen
  • James Attwood
  • Matt Taylor
  • The “Graveyard Baseball” Guys
  • Greg Gay
  • Jason Turbow
  • Jeff Katz
  • Matt Wojciak
  • Hawkins Dubois
  • The author of @OldHossRadbourn
  • Dave Brown
  • Howard Cole
  • Dan Hirsch
  • Andrew Mearns

As you’ll notice, that’s not enough to fill the full 48 hours (it comes out to 43, as one piece will be in two parts), so hours where I don’t have anything will be filled with “Classic Continuum” pieces.

So… at midnight, look for the FIRST guest-piece! And don’t forget to donate!

But first, at 10 PM, look for a “Rochester Red Wings Programs of the Past” entry!

This post has been part of the 2016 Baseball Continuum Blogathon For Charity, benefiting the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation is the charitable arm of Roswell Park Cancer Institute and funds raised will be “put to immediate use to increase the pace from research trials into improved clinical care, to ensure state-of-the-art facilities, and to help improve the quality of life for patients and their families.” Please donate through the Blogathon’s GoFundMe page.

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