CONTINUUCAST 5: Rich Grisham of OOTP Developments

It’s time for the return of the Baseball Continuum’s Continuucast! Hit play above, download by right-clicking here, follow the RSS feed here or follow on iTunes here (if the latest episode isn’t up yet, it will be shortly).

Dan Glickman returns to bring the Baseball Continuum Continuucast BACK from obscurity! And, for the first time, he has a guest, as he speaks to Rich Grisham, the Chief Marketing Officer of OOTP Developments, the creators of Out of the Park Baseball. Their latest version, OOTP 17, is now available on Steam and on the OOTP website ( Dan asks Rich about what’s new in OOTP, just how big/small the development team is, OOTP’s modding community, fan feedback, their partnership with MLB Players Association, and whether we may one day see the WBC in a OOTP game. After that, Dan talks a bit about how impressed he was with South Africa, France and the Czech Republic in recent WBC qualifiers, before previewing next week’s guest: Brandon DuBreuil of


Music/Sounds Featured:


“The National Game” by John Phillip Sousa


The sound of the TARDIS from Doctor Who


Excerpt of the theme of Hardball Baseball 5


Excerpt from the World Baseball Classic theme


Excerpt of “Pennant Fever” from the Major League soundtrack


All sound and music used is either public domain or is a short snippet that falls under fair use.


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