MVP of Yesterday (April 19, 2016): Drew Smyly

Drew Smyly went 8 innings of one hit shutout ball, walked only two, and struck out 11…. but the Rays didn’t score until the 11th inning, so he didn’t get the win. Proving, once again, that the win stat is severely flawed.

But, hey, at least he got MVP of Yesterday.

Standings after the jump:


Francisco Liriano: 1

Clayton Kershaw: 1

Noah Syndergaard: 1

Steven Souza: 1

Anthony Rizzo: 1

Ross Stripling: 1

Matt Kemp: 1

Felix Hernandez: 1

Chris Davis: 1

J.J. Hardy: 1

Nolan Arenado: 1

Vincent Velasquez: 1

Chris Sale: 1

Melvin Upton Jr.: 1

Tyler Chatwood: 1

John Lackey: 1

Drew Smyly: 1


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