MVP of Yesterday (April 25, 2016): Chris Archer

Well, I’d say Chris Archer has broken out of his funk. He struck out ten Orioles in only 6.2 scoreless innings, getting a 0.5 WAR from this game on Fangraphs.

Standings, as always, after the jump:


Francisco Liriano: 1

Clayton Kershaw: 1

Noah Syndergaard: 1

Steven Souza: 1

Anthony Rizzo: 1

Ross Stripling: 1

Matt Kemp: 1

Felix Hernandez: 1

Chris Davis: 1

J.J. Hardy: 1

Nolan Arenado: 1

Vincent Velasquez: 1

Chris Sale: 1

Melvin Upton Jr.: 1

Tyler Chatwood: 1

John Lackey: 1

Drew Smyly: 1

Mookie Betts: 1

Jake Arrieta: 1

Curtis Granderson: 1

Tanner Roark: 1

Paul Goldschmidt: 1

Chris Archer: 1


1 thought on “MVP of Yesterday (April 25, 2016): Chris Archer

  1. Tyler Collins from the Tigers should get an Honorable Mention for # 1 as well…check the highlight reel from yesterday…you’ll get why!! He flashed the fans his version of # 🖕.

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