Schedule for WBC Pool Previews

EDIT: Due to the fact that these pools are taking longer to write than I remember, I have adjusted the release schedule.

Tonight, MLB Network will unveil the schedules for the World Baseball Classic.

Next week, I’ll roll out my comprehensive pool previews, where I’ll go through not only the rosters for each team, but also the histories of the countries, their baseball history, and specific players to watch. If you’re wondering what I’ll be doing during the 30 hours of Super Bowl pregame, this is that.

The schedule goes like this:

Sunday: Introduction/glossary for the previews.

Monday: Pool A (Taichung Pool- Taipei, Netherlands, Cuba, Italy, Panama)

Wednesday: Pool B (Tokyo Pool- Japan, Korea, Australia, China, Czech Republic)

Friday: Pool C (Phoenix Pool- USA, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Great Britain)

Sunday: Pool D (Miami Pool- Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, Nicaragua)

Depending on other stuff, I’ll have more after that, as well, but that’s a bit more TBD.


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