An Alternate History: What if there was a baseball dream team?

I previously talked about how the IOC should put baseball and softball back into the Olympics. But it got me to thinking: what if MLB had been on board with the Olympics and had sent dream teams overseas? I’m not even talking about the World Baseball Classic teams, which often are missing some key players (primarily pitchers) due to the fact that spring training is at the same time and they are worried that going all-out so early could get them injured. I’m talking about no-holds-barred dream teams that would have taken part in the Olympics during an extended All-Star Break. Who would have gone?

Well, with there being a lot of talk about the 20th anniversary of the original Basketball Dream Team, it got me to thinking of what sort of team the USA would have sent to Barcelona had they A) been allowed (technically, no professionals were allowed to play baseball in the Olympics until the 2000 games) and B) had MLB done a extended All-Star Break to allow the players to go without missing any games.

Drawing inspiration from how the basketball Dream Team was picked, it would be made up not just of the best players available, but also the most marketable. In order to make sure everyone was ready in advance, they presumably would have picked the players based on their performance in 1991. While in 1992 the Olympic teams were limited at 20 players, by the time professionals were in the Olympics the roster had been increased to 24 or 25 players, so I’ll go with that.

So, presenting the alternate universe 1992 Team USA Olympic Baseball Team:

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