The Alamodome is going to be hosting baseball this weekend

As I noted way back in November, the Rangers and Padres are going to be playing a 2-game exhibition series in the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Well, that series is coming up this weekend. Tonight (Friday night) and tomorrow (Saturday), to be more exact. There are pictures and a story of how the venue (which was made with basically everything but baseball in mind) has been transformed for the games here, if you are interested. In addition, both games will be shown nationally on tape-delay on MLB Network, and hopefully there will be video on of any weird plays that come about from such a strange set-up.

A New Strangest Stadium: The Alamodome

Earlier this year, I did a blog post about the strangest stadiums ever used in baseball.

There is now another one to add to the list: The Alamodome in San Antonio, which will play host to exhibition games between Texas and San Diego next spring.

What’s so weird about that? Well, the Alamodome was created with basketball and football in mind, not baseball, so the dimensions will be weird. The RF line will only be 280 feet, center will be 395, and left will be 340. The right field fence will be 16-feet tall to make sure there aren’t as many cheap home runs.