First References in “The Sporting News”: The Caribbean

One of the great perks of SABR membership is access online to The Sporting News’ archives. While it now is dedicated to all sports, for a good chunk of it’s earlier history it was almost entirely focused on baseball. This allows us to see how players, ideas, teams and even countries first got the attention of the baseball press. So, similar to my article on the first references to Japanese baseball, here’s a look at the first references to baseball in the Caribbean in the Sporting News archives…. just in time for the Caribbean World Series in February!

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Read this story on the first Americans to meet Yasiel Puig

Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan has the story of the first Americans to meet Yasiel Puig and get his autograph… the twist being that they were Coast Guard sailors who had foiled a defection attempt.

Read it. It’s good.