Yesterday’s Mr. Octobers (September 30, 2014)

It’s time for the MR. OCTOBERs of Yesterday.

Here’s how it goes: instead of going by day, we’re going by game. Each game will have an MVP position player and an MVP pitcher. The amount of points given are as so: the MVPs of a Wild Card game get one point, MVPs of an LDS game get three points, MVPs of a LCS game get five points, and MVPs of World Series games get ten points. Points are doubled if it’s in a Game 5 in the LDS or Game 7 of the LCS or WS.

So, last night’s Mister Octobers were position player Brandon Moss (despite losing, he was clearly the best offensive player of the game) and young Brandon Finnegan, who’s extra-innings pitching were a revelation.

Standings so far (PP= Position Player, P= Pitcher, * means eliminated from playoffs):

PP Brandon Moss 1*

P Brandon Finnegan