MVP of Yesterday (May 19, 2015): Jason Hammel

Jason Hammel went 7 innings last night, giving up just three hits (and hitting one of his own) and striking out 8 in a no-decision. He’s the MVP of Yesterday.

It’s his second of the year.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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When the Orioles were asked what animal they’d want to be, Jason Hammel had the best answer:

Turtle PowerYes, when the Orioles were asked for the most recent issue of Orioles Magazine what animal they would want to be, Jason Hammel said he’d want to be a Ninja Turtle.

And that, needless to say, instantly made him the winner of that Q&A page. Which, considering Matt Wieters said he’d want to be a Liger (a Lion/Tiger hybrid), is quite an achievement.

Cowabunga, Jason Hammel. And remember: Turtle Power!