And now, a random picture of people playing baseball dressed as astronauts


baseballspacemenSometimes, you come across random things online. I’m not sure where, exactly, I found this picture- I think it was on a blog about Godzilla (as happens sometimes), especially given the fact that the pitcher in this picture appears to be Japanese.

Anyway, consider this picture a nice dose of whimsy into your dreary Boxing Day.

Because Nobody Asked For It: Baseball Stuff From My Disney Vacation

When most people are at Walt Disney World, they take pictures of castles, characters, rides and palm trees. And I did do that. But, as a person with a new camera and a burning urge to use it and a baseball blog in the dead of winter, I also took pictures of basically every single thing baseball-related I saw while at Disney World in the week before Christmas.

Under the jump, you can see those things:

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