Sunday Trivia

Here’s a new one: Below are 10 trivia questions. After the jump, you will find the answers. The answers, by the way, will be in white text, so you may need to highlight them to see.

So here we go:

1. What pitcher has the best winning percentage against the Yankees, with a minimum of 20 decisions?

2. Besides the fact that it was his first game, what was so notable about Boog Powell’s first game in the big leagues?

3. What player in the All-Star Game era (1933+) has the most career home runs without ever playing in an All-Star Game?

4. Rick Monday was the first pick in the first ever MLB amateur draft. Who was the earliest player drafted to become a Hall of Famer? (As in, who was the earliest player picked in the first draft to become a Hall of Famer, not necessarily the first to actually join the Hall of Fame)

5. Similarly, who was the first number one pick to become a Hall of Famer?

6. As of the end of the 2012 season, who was the last person to play at least one game in Major League Baseball and at least one game in the NFL (albeit not in the same year)?

7. Kevin Millar was never featured on official MLBPA-approved merchandise or video games. Why?

8. Who are the only two players to win the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Award and MVP during their career?

9. What HoF manager tried to use African-American 2B Charlie Grant in a ballgame in the early 1900s by saying he was a Native American?

10. Who are the only two HoF players to have spent a part of their career in Japan?

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Other Sports Team Names derived from Baseball

Given that baseball is the oldest professional team sport in America, it is hardly surprising that other sports teams often derive their names from baseball teams, usually those that they once shared a city with. In general, they fall into a few different categories:

  • Those that just plain copied or used the name of the baseball team.
  • Those who made a name that played off of the baseball team’s name.
  • Those that have a history with a baseball team but have since sort of morphed into something else, while keeping a vague link.
  • Names that actually aren’t connected, but everyone thinks they are.

Take a look after the jump:

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