Who’s In/Out/In-Between for the World Baseball Classic as of 8:45 PM of Dec. 13, 2012

After a few days, we now have another confirmation about the World Baseball Classic. Shane Victorino has said he will be playing for Team USA. Since it’s not official (since technically the Red Sox need to approve it), I’m placing him in possibly/likely.

Go below the jump for the full look at who’s in, out and somewhere in-between for the World Baseball Classic.

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At 8 PM of December 3rd, 2012, here’s who is IN the WBC and who is OUT of the WBC

Surprisingly, the provisional rosters for the WBC will be released in January this time around, at least for Team USA. I saw some rumors about this earlier, and it mainly has to do with the fact that the teams that had to go through qualifiers and some logistics dealing with the Asian bracket are what delayed it.

Expect the beginnings of more projections in the next few days, but here’s a list of players we KNOW have committed to the World Baseball Classic, as well as who we KNOW to be out. Go after the jump for it.

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