The Best of 2014: Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 Million Dollars in perspective

This article was originally published on November 15, 2014:

Giancarlo Stanton will, likely, get $325 million dollars in exchange for playing for the Miami Marlins for 13 more years (assuming he doesn’t get traded or opts out).

That, scientifically, is known as a buttload of money. How much money? Let’s go through it…

$500 Million: The value of the Miami Marlins, according to Forbes. Yes, Jeffrey Loria is basically saying that Giancarlo Stanton represents 65% of the value of the team itself.

It is over 20 times Babe Ruth‘s career earnings after inflation.

It is over 1.6 times Ken Griffey Jr.’s career earnings after inflation.

It is over 1.2 times Barry Bonds‘ career earnings after inflation.

$311 Million: The GDP of Sao Tome and Principe, a island nation in the Gulf of Guinea

$785.20: The amount of money every person in the City of Miami would receive if Giancarlo’s next contract was split up equally amongst them.

Giancarlo would be able to buy eight 1962-63 Ferrari 250 GTOs (which sold for $38 million dollars in August) with his proposed new contract’s money.

$294 Million: The cost, adjusted for inflation, of Titanic, the second most expensive (when adjusted for inflation) movie production of all time.

812.5 years: How long the President of United States would have to be in office to make that amount of money ($325 million) from the job.

$292,198,327: Total salary earnings (without inflation) of Shaquille O’Neil over his entire NBA career.

10: The number of NHL franchises, according to Forbes, with a value below $325 million dollars.

All of them: The number of MLS teams, according to Forbes, with a value below $325 million dollars. If he were in a soccer sort of mood, Giancarlo could afford to buy both the most and the third most valuable MLS team at the same time with the money he will earn over his next deal.

The original cost to build Fenway Park was $650,000 dollars, which is $15.9 million dollars when adjusted for inflation. That means that Giancarlo Stanton over the span of his hypothetical new contract would be able to build 20 Fenway Parks circa 1912, and he’d have enough money left to do just under half of a 21st.

$25 Million: How much Giancarlo would make in an average year under his new contract.

$10 Million: GDP of the island country of Niue. It would take Niue two and a half years of it’s entire gross domestic product to pay for one year of Giancarlo Stanton.

I don’t think anyone can imagine how big Mike Trout‘s deal will be if this is anything to go on.

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FINALLY UPDATED FOR 2014! Songs of October: A Retrospective (Because Why Not?)- 2014 Edition

For the far-too-late update on what happened in 2014, go to the bottom of the post after the jump.

In 2013, there was a sensation that spread across the nation: Mups. Their spread was unstoppable, to the point where some like the “Cespedes Family BBQ” and Jesse Spector had begun to engage in a “#Mupwatch”. But some wondered: What was a Mup? Were they some sort of Muppet? Were they dangerous? And why were they being lit on fire?

Well, the answer lay in the commercials that had been playing in the lead-up to and during the post-season, featuring Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”. Here is an example of such a commercial. While officially they were saying “Light ‘em up”, it sounded, especially during the echoing segments, like they were actually talking about things called “mups”.

And thus continued a long tradition of October songs that have graced our televisions and infected our ears, whether we liked them or not. And, usually, if we DID like them at the start of the postseason, we ended up being sick of them by the end just from hearing them so many times.

And, what’s more, these songs and how they have become memes aren’t from a universal source. Most of them, for example, have been part of TBS’ coverage, but others, including the Fall Out Boy song, have actually been of MLB’s doing. In 2013, for example, TBS was using a different song*, and MLB Network itself also had a different song for the commercials for it’s two games**. Rarely if ever have they been actually about baseball, usually selected more for their choruses or imagery.

*Using Google searches of the lyrics I was able to decipher, I’ve figured out it’s 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Do or Die”.

**Again using Google, I’ve found that the commercials use the chorus from Papa Roach’s “Still Swingin’“.

Still, with that out of the way, here’s a history (after the jump) of the Songs of October:

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Winter Meetings Tweets of the Day (December 11, 2014)

Throughout the 2014 Winter Meetings, I’ll be showcasing the best tweets. Here are yesterday’s.

Yesterday was the last day of the Winter Meetings. Stuff happened.

For example, Mat Latos was traded to the Marlins, but along the way his wife nearly had a nervous breakdown:

Meanwhile, the many deals on the hot stove left some dazed, confused and at times sarcastically passive-aggressive:

The trade of Yoennis Cespedes, of course, gave those goofballs at the BBQ some material:

But, let us finish with the true meaning of season: Hank the Brewers Dog dressed as Santa.


Winter Meetings Tweets of the Day (December 10, 2014)

Throughout the 2014 Winter Meetings, I’ll be showcasing the best tweets. Here are yesterday’s.


The Cubs’ many actions have led to many noting that Back To The Future II predicted they would win the 2015 World Series. Leading Jonah Keri to make this observation:

Confusion reigns at times during the Winter Meetings:

The Dodgers made their presence known again, with a Dee Gordon deal with the Marlins. Among those they got back is a rather unfortunately named infielder:

The best quote of the Meetings was given:

The Astros are being optimistic:

And those loveable goofballs at the BBQ hit the nail on the head:

Today is the final day of the Winter Meetings, and it’s already been busy. Come back tomorrow.

Winter Meetings Tweets of the Day (December 9, 2014): Waiting for Lester

Throughout the 2014 Winter Meetings, I’ll be showcasing the best tweets. Here are yesterday’s.

Yesterday was about waiting for Jon Lester:

…And that’s just other people! I was on the story ALL DAY under the hashtag #HasLesterSignedYet:

But then… this morning:

Yes, Jon Lester is signed! And he’s a Cub!


Now maybe something else can happen today since he’s no longer holding up the entire free agent market.

Winter Meetings 2014 Tweets of the Day (December 8, 2014)

Throughout the 2014 Winter Meetings, I’ll be showcasing the best tweets. Here are yesterday’s.

The Veterans’ Committee didn’t elect anyone. This was an outrage that Old Hoss Radbourn would not let stand… until he thought about it a little:

Meanwhile, the entire proceedings are in some ways being held up by the fact that everyone is waiting to see where Jon Lester goes, and also how much he gets. Problem is, the news on him. It’s been Lester, Lester, Lester. So much, in fact, that I think poor “Yakyu Night Owl” may have gotten a bit confused (or, more likely, he was just making a joke about the Lester-thon):

Meanwhile, the Athletics are getting rid of everybody in one of those firesales that Billy Beane has every few years. It continued yesterday, with Brandon Moss and (although not yet official) Jeff Samardzija leaving town. These are like Marlins firesales, only slightly less aggravating for baseball in general and the Athletics always end up back in the playoffs in about two or three years anyway. Still, Jessica Kleinschmidt had a warning for all fans of the Athletics:

Oh, and Marc Normandin poked fun at one of the great off-season cliches: “Kicking the Tires”:


Come back tomorrow to see Tuesday’s best Winter Meetings tweets.