MVP of Yesterday for April 15 is… Giancarlo Stanton

The MVP of Yesterday was Giancarlo Stanton, who went 2-4 with 5 RBIs, a HR, and a walk.

This makes him the first two-time winner of the MVP of Yesterday in 2014!

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MVP of Yesterday for April 13, 2014: Kyle Lohse

The Milwaukee Brewers are the hottest team in the earliest stretch of baseball, and Kyle Lohse was hot last night, throwing 8.2 innings of 4-hit ball with 9 Ks. That’s why he’s the MVP of Yesterday.

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MVP of Yesterday for April 10 is… Justin Upton

Justin Upton narrowly beat out Jose Abreu for yesterday’s MVP, going 3-4 with 3 RBIs and 2 HRs in a Braves loss to the Mets. Yes, you can lose to the Mets and still be able to win MVP of Yesterday. It’s true.

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