Over at “Hall of Very Good”: The San Diego Chicken Off the Field: A Brief Overview of Baseball’s Ambassador To The World”

I wrote a brief overview of the Famous Chicken’s exploits away from baseball over at “Hall of Very Good”, so check it out, and also check out some of the great stuff about the rest of this year’s inductees.

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MVP of Yesterday (7-23-2014): Jorge De La Rosa

The MVP of Yesterday is Jorge De La Rosa of the Rockies. While he did give up an earned run during his 7.1 innings pitched, he also struck out 11, and even got a hit at the plate as well.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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MVPs of the Weekend (18th, 19th, 20th): Travis D’Arnaud, Adam Jones and Jon Lester

On Friday, Travis D’Arnaud led the Mets to victory over San Diego.

On Saturday, Adam Jones had 5 RBIs and 2 steals, the first since 2005 to do so.

And on Sunday, Jon Lester pitched 8 shutout innings, striking out 8 and giving up just 4 hits in the Red Sox win.

Standings, as always, after the jump (also, note I added one for Mike Trout due to him being the MVP of the ASG):

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New Link: Just A Bit Outside

A new link now on the Continuum: “Just A Bit Outside”. From Fox Sports, it’s a site somewhat in the vein of Grantland, Sports On Earth, or SI’s MMQB site, only unlike those, this one only focuses on baseball. Already it has some neat stories up, so check it out.

Some stuff from the past week you should probably read

Here are some things from the past week that could make for some good reading if you have time:

First off, a long read on Tom Emanski and his baseball videos (and the endless commercials that stemmed from them) from Erik Malinowski.

The ever-great Joe Posnanski on Glen Perkins and his appearance in the All-Star Game.

An excellently written but extremely distubring story by Greg Hanlon on Mel Hall, professional ballplayer and pedophilic sexual predator. Needless to say… it’s not a happy story. Like… at all.

The Midseason GIF Awards.

And, of course, my look at Mr. Go.