Blast from the past: How my predictions look so far

Back in April, I wrote my predictions of what would happen in the 2012 season as part of my column for the Cardinal Courier. I’m going to return to those predictions now and in the future to see how I’m doing. Predictions are in BOLD, followed by how I’m doing so far.

Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder will do fine in their new cities (Anaheim and Detroit, respectively).

Well, Prince is doing fine. So chalk that up this prediction as being half-right as of right now.

Justin Verlander will win the AL Cy Young again, but won’t win the MVP again. Instead, Albert Pujols will. He tends to do that.

Too early to tell if Verlander will win the Cy Young again, but I think it’s safe to say that, barring an utterly unbelievable season from here on out, Pujols isn’t winning MVP. Again, half-right as of right now.

The new addition of a extra wild card will make the post-season race more entertaining most years, but this year it will feel underwhelming, since last season’s playoff race was so historic.

Too early to tell.

The Marlins will be the most entertaining ballclub in years, and the second season of The Franchise will be one of the most hilarious documentary series ever created, if only because it will have raw, uncensored, Ozzie Guillen rants.

The first episode (a preview episode, really) of The Franchise was, indeed, quite hilarious with it’s uncensored Ozzie. Problem is, the situation that Ozzie got himself in (the Castro comments) wasn’t. So I guess it is too early to tell.

The Nationals and Royals will be the “surprise” teams of 2012.

Nationals are doing well on this so far. Royals… not so much.

The Mets will stink.

They’ve done surprisingly well so far, but there is still a lot of season left.

This will be the last season for Chipper Jones (who’s confirmed as much), Mariano Rivera (who has hinted as much), Jim Thome, Todd Helton, Roy Oswalt (if he even signs anywhere), Johnny Damon (if he even signs anywhere) and Arthur Rhodes (did you even know he was still in the league?)

Chipper is a yes. Mariano apparently will try to come back from his injury. Oswalt still hasn’t signed. Damon is now with the Indians. Arthur Rhodes has yet to say.

If Twins first-baseman Justin Morneau suffers concussion symptoms again, he will retire for medical reasons. He will go down as one of the great “what might have beens” in sports history.

Hasn’t had concussion symptoms. Thankfully.

Yu Darvish and Yoennis Cespedes, the two big imported players this season (Darvish from Japan, Cespedes defected from Cuba), will do fine, although Darvish is the one more likely to win AL “Rookie” of the Year.

More or less correct.

Bryce Harper will arrive by mid-summer and will become one of the most polarizing athletes this side of Tim Tebow.

Arrived earlier than expected, and has really only served to make Cole Hamels polarizing.

Matt Kemp will win NL MVP, but won’t have a 50-50 season, like he said he is aiming for.

Doubtful on the 50-50. Depends on how well he returns from the DL for the MVP.

Roy “Doc” Halladay will be the NL Cy Young winner. This is, of course, hardly a bold prediction.

He hasn’t been having the best of seasons, by his standards.

Alex Rodriguez will tie Lou Gehrig’s record for career grand slams.

Not yet.

Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was savagely beaten outside of Dodger Stadium last opening day, will be throwing a ceremonial first pitch out at AT&T Park by the end of the season. And everyone will cry.

He appeared in a video message on opening day but isn’t yet healthy enough to do a first pitch.

Young Royals slugger Eric Hosmer will win the Home Run Derby, fittingly held in Kansas City.

Hosmer has been having a sophomore slump, so it’s unlikely that he will be an all-star.

The NL will win the All-Star Game.

Too early to tell, and a crapshoot to predict anyway.

At least one Cy Young candidate will have his season ended early when he requires Tommy John Surgery.

Depends on if you count Brian Wilson. I don’t think he was a Cy Young contender.

Every home run hit by Ryan Braun will be scrutinized.

Not so much.

The Astros will spend their last year in the National League by being so irrelevant everybody will forget they are in any league.

Actually, they are doing relatively well so far.

Joe Mauer will drop his good manners for a few minutes and ask that the walls at Target Field be moved in.

Not yet, but you know he’s thought about it.

The Cubs and White Sox will both stink, to the point where fans will be chanting for the Bears by late June.

The Cubs do stink, and the White Sox are under .500 so far.

Andy Pettitte’s comeback won’t go as well as he and the Yankees are hoping.

Too early to tell.

Giancarlo Stanton will be referred to as Mike Stanton many times, which isn’t surprising, as he was going by Mike Stanton until this offseason before beginning to use his real first name.

He has.

Buster Posey will be back and will be an All-Star.

He probably will be.

Ichiro will continue his downward slide, but still will probably be the best hitter on the Mariners.

As of this morning, he was hitting a hideous-for-him .288. That’s the highest BA, but not the highest OPS, on the Seattle roster.

The Cardinals and Reds will have a bench-clearing brawl.

Not yet, thankfully.

The Reds will, shockingly, have the best record in the National League, as their pitchers return from their injury-prone 2011 season and they’ve added the better-than-his-win-loss-record-suggests Mat Latos. Oh, and they are in the same division as the Cubs, Pirates and Astros, a great way to inflate a win total.

They aren’t doing bad, but they aren’t the best record in the NL. They merely are at a 19-17 record.

The Orioles will remain three-to-five years away from a return to glory, just like they have been every year since 1997.

I’ll let you know in a few months.

AL Division winners: Yankees, Tigers and Angels (best record).

NL Division winners: Phillies, Reds (the surprise best record in the NL) and Diamondbacks.

The AL Wild Cards will be the Rays and the Rangers. The Rays will win the game.

The NL Wild Cards will be the Giants and the Marlins. The Giants will win the game.

The ALDSes will see the Angels beat the Rays and the Tigers beat the Yankees.

The NLDSes will see the Phillies beat the Diamondbacks and the Giants defeat the Reds.

The Tigers will beat the Angels in the ALCS

The Phillies will outlast the Giants in the NLCS.

The Phillies will defeat the Tigers in the World Series.

Still early, but I’m starting to think my predictions are going to be off…

But, hey, you never know.

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