Questions for the All-Star Break

Here are some questions to ponder over the All-Star Break- not about how teams shape up for the second half, but about the events of the Break itself. Everything is after the jump.

Will we hear anything about the World Baseball Classic?

As one of the biggest fans in the USA of the World Baseball Classic, I am curious whether we will be getting more info on the coming tournament over the break. The previous two tournaments, if I remember correctly, received press conferences during those All-Star Breaks. Already, there have been some announcements in the past few weeks, such as information on the qualifying pool that will take place in Florida. It will be interesting to see if more stuff comes out over the next few days.

Who will win the night tonight?

The Home Run Derby often has two winners: the one that actually wins the event, and the one everybody is talking about the next morning. The biggest example of this happening was 2008, when Josh Hamilton obviously “won” the event, but Justin Morneau went home with the trophy.

Will Kevin Millar finally get Derek Jeter on Intentional Talk?

Intentional Talk is MLB Network’s 5:00 talk show that basically is Chris Rose and Kevin Millar just talking about baseball while making fun of themselves and each other at the same time. A running gag is that Derek Jeter has never been on the show as a guest despite Millar’s many assurances he can see to it that he will be booked. When he was going to be on, he didn’t make it but took a rain check. Surely, at the All-Star Game, Millar will have his best shot to force get Jeter to appear on the show.

Who will get the biggest applause during the roll call of the All-Stars?

It’s probably safe to say that Billy Butler, the lone Royals all-star, is going to get biggest ovation. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. I think it’s safe to predict that the Cardinals (especially La Russa) will get plenty of applause due to the fact they also play in the Show-Me State. Could also be interesting to hear the reception for former Royals, like Carlos Beltran.

When will Harper and Trout get in the game, and what will they do when they do?

All eyes are on the rookie sensations, and once they step on the field they will be getting their biggest exposure on a national stage yet. If they do something special, it’ll become a staple of highlight reels for years to come. If not, it’ll be a footnote.

How much will the Managers manage to the “This Time It Counts” tagline?

Last season, Ron Washington played the game more along the lines of the usual All-Star Game tradition of getting as many players in as possible. The AL lost, and the Rangers lost in 7 games to the Cardinals. Who knows if it would have been different if the Rangers had home-field during the World Series, but it probably wouldn’t have hurt. It’ll be interesting to see if either of the managers play the game to win.

How many times will Ozzie Guillen swear during Wednesday’s premiere of The Franchise?

A lot.


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