The 2012 Baseball Continuum Awards

No prestige! No fancy trophy! No publicity! It’s time for the 2012 Baseball Continuum Awards, where I honor the best of the 2012 baseball season! Of note is that I’m not going to split it by leagues, instead focusing on the league at large.

So let’s get going (after the jump):

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The War for the (AL and NL) East

The greatest division races are already shaping up to be in the (AL and NL East). Teams that had been afterthoughts are now in the mix, perennial powers have found themselves in the cellar. Things are changing quickly, so by the time this goes up on the afternoon of June 10, it may already by obsolete: teams that were in first may have fallen to second or even third. A team who was in it could not be out of it. A team that was out of it could be in it. It is just that volatile.

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