The 2012 Baseball Continuum Awards

No prestige! No fancy trophy! No publicity! It’s time for the 2012 Baseball Continuum Awards, where I honor the best of the 2012 baseball season! Of note is that I’m not going to split it by leagues, instead focusing on the league at large.

So let’s get going (after the jump):

Manager of the Year: Buck Showalter

Yes, Bob Melvin and Robin Ventura are both very worthy choices, but they hardly changed the culture of their teams. The Athletics are a organization where the manager is generally secondary to the team’s overall philosophy of finding under-utilized skills or players that have been overlooked by the market. The White Sox had success under Ozzie Guillen, it was just that they badly needed a change of pace. But the Orioles, however, had been in the toilet since the end of 1997. Buck Showalter has helped change that. And that is why he should be Manager of the Year.

Rookie of the Year: Mike Trout

In any other year, this would be a grand debate: Is Bryce Harper more worthy than Todd Frazier? Is Yoennis Cespedes or Yu Darvish the better import to our shores? Well, Mike Trout’s season put an end to that. There is no debate. At all.

Cy Young/Best Pitcher: Justin Verlander

There were pitchers with better records than Justin Verlander had this season, there were pitchers with better ERA than Verlander this season, and better WHIP, K/9 and shutouts. But nobody pitched as many innings as Verlander, nobody struck out as many as Verlander, and no pitcher had better Wins Above Replacement than Verlander. And, if you wanted to win any one game this year, there would probably be nobody you would rather pick than Justin Verlander.

MVP: Miguel Cabrera

Mike Trout has a certain case, but the fact that Miguel Cabrera both played in more games, won the Triple Crown and, perhaps most importantly, aided them in getting to the playoffs. That said, I wouldn’t complain if Mike Trout won, as he very well may have been the best player during his time with the Angels, as far as total excitement and talent.

Coming tomorrow: A look at how some cities of early baseball redefine the meaning of the words “small market”.

2 thoughts on “The 2012 Baseball Continuum Awards

    • I just think that if their were only one award for the year instead of being split between AL and NL this year, all of the winners would be AL players. Ironic, I know, given the fact that the NL won both the WS and ASG…

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