Short Predictions for the NFL Wild Card Round

Nothing too deep, just quick predictions:

  • I see the Bengals upsetting the Texans, as Houston basically backed into the playoffs, which doesn’t exactly seem like a good omen for them, even if they are playing at home.
  • The night game on Saturday between Green Bay and Minnesota is tougher to predict. It’s only a week since their last game, which saw the Vikings win in overtime. This game, however, will be in Green Bay. Advantage: Packers.
  • I was until a few days ago thinking that the Colts could upset the Ravens. And then Ray Lewis announced he would be retiring. Given that, I feel like the Ravens are not going to be caught napping, and the defense will take advantage of Andrew Luck’s youth to make a few key turnovers to give them the win.
  • The last game of the weekend, Seattle vs. Washington, is probably the toughest to predict, so I’m going with my gut… and my gut says Seattle.

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