Blog Dealings: The Weirdest Search Results

WordPress provides me with a list of search results that bring people to the Continuum, but, well, sometimes they can be very strange. Here are some of the weirdest search results that have brought people to this blog, as well as what I think they ended up finding by searching for them- all of these are put down exactly as they appear in WordPress’ list of search results:

  • examples addendum in letters (I have no idea.)
  • baseball gods rules (Presumably to one of the articles where I refer to the “Baseball Gods”)
  • the little scarecrow boy (I have no clue- possible one of the Bizarre Baseball Cultures.)
  • korean numbers (Probably something from the WBC.)
  • is josh reddick trying to copy brian wilson (A good question.)
  • is barbaro canizares jewish? (I don’t think so. Presumably this brought the searcher to a WBC article.)
  • operation polo image (?)
  • men dolls tied up (I don’t even want to comprehend what this person was searching for, but it almost certainly brought them to the Dollman installment of Bizarre Baseball Culture)
  • disconnect between perception & reality (That’s deep.)
  • marvel comics character with ball glove (I’m going to guess one of the Bizarre Baseball Cultures.)
  • savage .304 (Maybe I wrote “a savage .304” somewhere about something.)

So, have you ever come here with a strange search request?


OLYMPICS CONTINUUM: In which the IOC kicks out wrestling, basically the oldest sport there is

Well, let it not be said that Olympics discriminates based on age: they have reportedly cut wrestling from the 2020 Olympics.

Yes, wrestling. One of the oldest sports in the world and one practiced unquestionably around the world, a mainstay of the Olympics since ancient times, has been dropped from the Olympics, while such sports as Modern Pentathlon, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Synchronized Swimming will remain.

In other words, yes, baseball and softball no longer have the biggest beef with the Olympics. Also, if I’m track and field or boxing, I’m starting to get worried about 2024, because if they can cut out wrestling, nobody is safe, even if the Ancient Greeks played it.

Short Predictions for the NFL Wild Card Round

Nothing too deep, just quick predictions:

  • I see the Bengals upsetting the Texans, as Houston basically backed into the playoffs, which doesn’t exactly seem like a good omen for them, even if they are playing at home.
  • The night game on Saturday between Green Bay and Minnesota is tougher to predict. It’s only a week since their last game, which saw the Vikings win in overtime. This game, however, will be in Green Bay. Advantage: Packers.
  • I was until a few days ago thinking that the Colts could upset the Ravens. And then Ray Lewis announced he would be retiring. Given that, I feel like the Ravens are not going to be caught napping, and the defense will take advantage of Andrew Luck’s youth to make a few key turnovers to give them the win.
  • The last game of the weekend, Seattle vs. Washington, is probably the toughest to predict, so I’m going with my gut… and my gut says Seattle.

Random Thoughts (Mainly on movies)

And now, time for some random things. I don’t mean things like suddenly typing out random numbers and letters like, I dunno, CHJCSKSUTX4M or something. I mean, just a few things that are on my mind that aren’t baseball-related.

  • Go see The Avengers. It is very well done and a ton of fun. One of the most entertaining movies in years, especially if you’ve seen all of the other Marvel movies.
  • That said, I wish Marvel and Disney had the rights to Spider-Man, the X-Men, Daredevil, etc. Marvel had sold the license to make movies of those characters before making superhero movies became big, so now they find themselves being able to have only some of their superheroes in their movie universe.
  • I mean, how awesome would a Spider-Man/Daredevil or Hulk/Wolverine movie be? Extremely awesome, that’s what.
  • Now, to Warner Brothers and DC Comics: I want my Justice League movie. Now.¬†And it had better be as good if not better than¬†Avengers. If it isn’t, you will have failed us all.
  • The NBA playoffs take too long and have too many teams in it. Also, it has all the parity of a seesaw with an anvil on one side. Only way any upsets ever happen are when people like Derrick Rose get hurt.
  • It’s getting hot up here, and that means air conditioners are coming out of storage. Good thing too, I’ve always found it harder to sleep when it’s hot than harder to sleep when it is cold.
  • I like the move by the Buffalo Bills to get Vince Young. Always good to have somebody experienced as a backup.
  • Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms out there, including my own mother!