Football Continuum: My Super Bowl XLIX Prediction

Okay, so, this is a tough Super Bowl to pick. Both teams are extremely good, and both also have momentum, or at least as much momentum as a team can have after a off week.

That said, I think the Seahawks will win.


Defense. Yes, it is now a QB’s league, but it feels to me like the defensive advantage that the Seahawks hold over the Patriots is larger than the advantage that the Patriots hold over the Seahawks on the offensive side. Russell Wilson is no Tom Brady, but with Marshawn Lynch helping him out he won’t have to be. I expect a late touchdown from “Beast Mode” to put the Seahawks ahead and for the “Legion of Boom” to stop Tom Brady from pulling off a last minute miracle drive.

Prediction: Seahawks 27, Patriots 23

I am 7-3 on the postseason, 7-4 if you count my incorrect pick in the College Football Championship game.


For Super Bowl Weekend: “Famous For Something Else” Football Players

Here are the previous “Famous For Something Else” installments about players who dabbled in baseball but who are more famous for playing (or coaching) football:

Urban Meyer

Herman Wedemeyer (also an actor)

Ernie Nevers

Russell Wilson

Vic Janowicz

Jim Thorpe (also, perhaps most famously, an Olympian)

George Halas

Josh Booty

John Lynch

John Elway

Ricky Williams


There are, of course, still others who have played both baseball and football, and they will be covered in future “Famous For Something Else” installments!



The Oh-Crud-I-Forgot-To-Write-This-Until-The-Last-Minute Super Bowl Prediction

By all accounts, the weather in NJ will be fine, so I’m going to go with Manning and the Broncos tonight. Once, in the past, I would have gone with the defensive advantaged team, but the NFL has changed, and that is no longer true. So, advantage Broncos, uhm… 27-24.