Some Personal News: Pickin’ Splinters

I’m sharing some personal news today. Beginning on Friday, I’ll be occasionally covering the Rochester Red Wings and other Rochester-area sports on Pickin’ Splinters.

I will continue, of course, to post on this blog. My Rochester Red Wings Reports will also continue, but will only cover games that I go to as a fan. I will, however, make sure to provide links here to any baseball-related stories I do for Splinters.

Thanks for reading!

Coming up…


Coming up on the Baseball Continuum:

  • My early WBC roster for Team USA has been getting a lot of attention but in some ways is already a bit out-of-date so I’ll give it an update.
  • I may also be creating a Dominican Republic early roster.
  • Something for the MLB draft next month
  • A “Glick on Gaming”

Thanks for reading!

Later this week and looking ahead


Later this week, there will be a new Bizarre Baseball Culture 2.0, bringing you an updated version of a previous post with things corrected, upgraded, and added-on!

Next week, expect more Rochester Red Wings reports as well as the first installment of a new feature I’m calling “Fictional Fields.”

Blog Dealings: On the horizon…

So, we’re now a few weeks into the season, so I guess now is as good a time as any to look at what is coming up on the blog. I’ve got some things in the works, so this will serve as a bit of a “to-do” list for me as well as a preview for anyone reading this.

This is a bit more thorough than the usual “here’s what’s coming up,” but also lacks the “this will happen this day” that those mini-posts often have:

  • Early World Baseball Classic predictions/thoughts: who would be the ideal members of team rosters? Who might actually take part? Who might manage? Things like that.
  • More international baseball content that isn’t specifically related to the WBC.
  • A “Related to Someone Famous For Something Else”
  • More “Red Wings Reports” (including one tomorrow morning!)
  • The oft-delayed “Mascot Battle Royale” post.
  • More updated (2.0) “Bizarre Baseball Culture” posts
  • More “Glick on Gaming”
  • An analysis of fictional baseball stadiums (seriously!)
  • New “Bizarre Baseball Culture”
  • A new “Breaking OOTP”, the first in a very long time!
  • And anything else that I may come up with!

So, thank you for coming the Continuum and I hope you continue doing so!

Coming up…

After another bit of a hiatus, I’m going to get going again. Here’s some stuff you can expect in the coming days and weeks:

  • Bizarre Baseball Culture 2.0. Many of my Bizarre Baseball Culture posts from years past were done in a bit of a sloppy manner. If you go back, you’ll find plenty of grammatical errors, including in the very introduction of the feature (In Bizarre Baseball Culture, I take a look at some of the more unusual places where baseball has reared it’s head in pop culture and fiction) and other places. This is partly because A) I was still younger and inexperienced, and B) I was approaching it with a sort of laid-back vibe and perhaps wasn’t taking the actual writing portion as serious as I should have. Bizarre Baseball Culture 2.0 will involve me revisiting some of the best/worst pieces of Bizarre Baseball Culture and updating them to fit my standards and also to reflect changes that have happened since.
  • That damn mascot post I’ve been working on-and-off on for months.
  • A return of “Famous for Something Else.”
  • Possibly some more “Glick on Gaming.”

Stay tuned!