Over at @HOVG: Chris Colabello, and Links!


I forgot to post this yesterday, but there is a new “Wisdom and Links” up over at Hall of Very Good! Check it out! It contains the Chris Colabello thoughts I had, as well as some great links.

CONTINUUCAST 9 featuring @StaceGots, WBC News and a special BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE announcement!

The Baseball Continuum Continuucast’s ninth episode with special guest Stacey Gostulias (and her cat)! Hit play above, download by right-clicking here, follow the RSS feed here or follow on iTunes here or Stitcher here (if the latest episode isn’t up yet, it will be shortly).

The 9th Continuucast, now able to fill a NL starting lineup!


First, Dan talks to Stacey Gotsulias (and her cat) about the Yankees, New Yankee Stadium, the super-expensive seats in said stadium, the possibility that baseball may one day have ads on uniforms, baseball’s attempts at broadening it’s fanbase, and more. Big thanks to Stacey, who can be followed on Twitter at @StaceGots!


Next, Dan give his opinions on Jim Leyland being hired for Team USA in 2017.


Finally, Dan previews the next Continuucast, and makes a special announcement about another area that the Baseball Continuum is expanding into! Fans of BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE will want to hear this!


Music/Sounds Featured:


“The National Game” by John Phillip Sousa


“Here Come The Yankees”


The World Baseball Classic Theme


“Flight of the Bumblebee” (AKA The Green Hornet Theme) by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov performed by the US Army Band (special “Bizarre Baseball Culture” remix by Dan Glickman featuring the Pablo Sanchez Theme and clips from previous and future Bizarre Baseball Culture pieces)


The Theme from Fallout 4


All sound and music used is either public domain or is a short snippet that falls under fair use.


The schedule for the next few days!


The following teams are currently done in “30 Teams, 30 Posts”: Giants, Orioles, Phillies, Mets, Mariners, Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, Braves, Astros, Diamondbacks, Marlins, White Sox, Cubs, Red Sox, A’s, Royals, Reds, Angels.

That means the Indians, Tigers, Twins, Rangers, Nationals, Brewers, Pirates, Cardinals, Rockies and Padres are still out there in “30 Teams, 30 Posts”.

And that will be the schedule. In addition, you can expect the latest Continuucast, featuring (at least) three guests!

Starting tomorrow: Multiple “30 Teams, 30 Posts” a day!

There are 16 teams still left to do in “30 Teams, 30 Posts”. But, time is getting short and there are fewer than 16 days until Opening Day!
So what’s going to happen?

Simple: Multiple posts a day almost every day, starting tomorrow!

Here’s the schedule for the next four days:

Friday (March 25): Red Sox, Athletics

Saturday (March 26): Mariners, Cardinals

Sunday (March 27): Marlins

Monday (March 28): Reds (in “Wisdom and Links”) and Indians