An @HOVG Addendum: The biggest baseball alum of NCAA Snubs

Over at Hall of Very Good, I looked at the best baseball alums of every team in the NCAA Tournament.

Consider this an addendum: the best baseball alums of various NCAA snubs!

Monmouth: The best Monmouth baseball alum is active now: Brad Brach. Three other Monmouth grads have made the show, however. They are Ed Halicki, Bob Hooper, and Tom Kelly.

St. Bonaventure: This is an easy one, as John McGraw played for (and coached) Bonaventure in the 1890s, even though he already had played a bit professionally (the idea of the strict separation of amateur and professional was not yet completely solidified). There’s also some evidence that Hugh Jennings was involved with Bonaventure, but it’s not listed at Baseball Reference. Danny McDevitt is the most recent MLB player who was a Bonnie.

St. Mary’s: Hall of Famers Harry Hooper and Hank O’Day are St. Mary’s grads, although I’d give the edge to Hooper. Honorable mentions: Von Hayes, Gus Triandos, Duffy Lewis, Tom Candiotti, Dutch Leonard, and Mark Teahen.

South Carolina: A baseball power in recent years, I’d say Brian Roberts (who had transferred there from UNC) is the best Gamecock alum, although you certainly can make arguments for Dave Hollins, Mookie Wilson and Bill Landrum. Current Gamecocks include Justin Smoak, Steve Pearce, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

San Diego State: Tony Gwynn. Done. (Other alums include: Stephen Strasburg, Graig Nettles, Mark Grace, Tony Clark, Harold Reynolds, and Dave Roberts.)

Valparaiso: Lloyd McClendon, apologies to guys like Al Pilcarik and Freddy Spurgeon.

So, there you have it. Make sure to go to Hall of Very Good to see the best alums of those who DID make the bracket.


Over at @HOVG: Wisdom and Links and Spring Training!


Over at Hall of Very Good, the latest “Wisdom and Links” talks about watching Spring Training on TV, and also has links. Check it out.

The schedule this week….


March means the return of daily (or close to it) postings!

Tuesday: World Baseball Classic Update and a “30 Teams, 30 Days”

Wednesday: “30 Teams, 30 Days” and a new “Related To Somebody Famous For Something Else”

Thursday: World Baseball Classic Update (if necessary) and a “30 Teams, 30 Days”

Friday-Sunday: “30 Teams, 30 Days”, possibly another WBC Update and a BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE.

And, of course, who knows what else might come up?

Over at @HOVG: “Wisdom and Links” has Random Thoughts


Over at Hall of Very Good, I do the last installment of “Wisdom and Links” before games start and I suddenly have more material by having five random thoughts. It includes the first and probably only reference to Hamilton in “Wisdom and Links” history. Check it out.


Super-early announcement: The 2017 #Blogathon will be January 27-29

Yesterday, perhaps the last piece of Blogathon business was done, as I sent out the last giveaways from the Blogathon to the lucky folks who won.

So, I figure now is as good a time as any to announce that next year’s Blogathon will happen on the weekend of January 27-29. This could change depending on some other factors, but that likely will be the weekend. Like this year, it will be for Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, but certain other things might be different, for example I’d like to use something that allows for Paypal donations as that would allow for more people to donate.

Still, all of that is almost a year away. But I just wanted to let everyone know… and note that the countdown on the side of page has been reset!

Getting back into the swing of things….

With the Blogathon now over, things are going to slowly start getting back to normal here at the Baseball Continuum. For example:

  • A “real” Wisdom and Links will happen this weekend at Hall of Very Good.
  • Sooner than later you will see the return of “30 Teams, 30 Posts”
  • International Baseball Culture will return with more of Touch
  • There’s a VERY neat Breaking OOTP coming soon.
  • And, finally, there will be the VERY FIRST information on the 2017 Blogathon.

So, stay tuned…