Tomorrow (Thursday), I’ll have my final Olympic update before the opening ceremonies.

This weekend, I’ll have an introduction up about a new non-baseball feature.

The Week Ahead


It’s time for a look at what you can expect from the Baseball Continuum in the week ahead:

  • Olympic update. There have been some late changes to some Olympic rosters due to things like injury or suspension (two members of the Korean team have been replaced after they were found to have ignored social distancing during a recent increased COVID outbreak, for example), so I’ll note that.
  • Final Olympic preview and thoughts on the Olympics in general: Exactly what it says on the tin, complete with my prediction as to how the medals will turn out.
  • Potentially a “Neat Site” will be shared.
  • Possibly the first of a new feature that isn’t about baseball.

Stay tuned!

Blog Dealings: The week ahead

Here’s what to expect in the week ahead here at the Continuum:

  • On Monday, a consideration of who would be in a hypothetical “All-Time Home Run Derby”. No restrictions on league, era, or anything else.
  • On Wednesday, random assorted thoughts on the All-Star break.
  • On Thursday, I wrap up the Olympic team previews with Team Mexico.
  • The rest of the week, if anything, is TBD.

Thanks for reading the Baseball Continuum!

Neat Site: Baseball Mexico

The only remaining Olympic Preview left to go is Mexico,so it is fitting that this week I’m sharing the neat site of Baseball Mexico. Calling itself the “world’s leading English language source for Mexican professional baseball news,” there is about an update a week. And, yes, it includes updates about how Bartolo Colon is doing in the Mexican League.

Check it out here, if you’d like.

4th of July Blog Dealings

Happy 4th of July! Here’s an update on some of the stuff you can expect in the days and weeks ahead.

  • As I said yesterday, this coming week will primarily be Olympic previews as more rosters become available. There will also be a neat link put up next Saturday.
  • The blogroll is a bit out of date now due to some sites either going under or ceasing to update, so I’ll be making some changes sporadically in the days ahead.
  • Bizarre Baseball Culture and Breaking OOTP remain in development but I don’t have a specific idea of when they’ll be ready yet.
  • I also may be putting up some non-baseball writing on stuff like video games, movies, etc. in the not-too-distant future.

The schedule ahead


Later today (Saturday) or possibly tonight, there will be a post about the Blue Jays in Buffalo.

There will be Olympic previews throughout the coming week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, depending on if rosters have been released. As of now South Korea and Mexico have released rosters (along with, of course, the USA and Japan), but to the best of my knowledge the Dominican and Israel have not. The order in which I do the previews will be a bit dependent on roster releases so I can’t give a hard schedule.

Next Saturday, there will be a neat link.

Neat Site: Digital Ballparks

Today’s neat site to check out is Digital Ballparks. It’s a site filled with slideshows of images of baseball stadiums past and present from around the country and even in some cases the world. It isn’t just limited to the pros, either: the Pastores (who run the site) also have plenty of amateur and semi-pro fields, as well as ballparks that once hosted professional baseball decades ago. In some cases where ballfields no longer have their traditional form (for example, abandoned fields or fields that may have been converted to another sport), they’ll even sometimes include Photoshop work to give an idea of what it may have looked like back in the day.

While it looks like they haven’t updated the site yet for the 2021 season, it remains a fascinating way to spend time for anyone interested in baseball stadiums.

Check it out.

Blog Dealings: A preview of what’s to come

Here’s a preview of what’s to come here at the Baseball Continuum:

  • By the end of this week (possibly as early as today), there will be a “Famous for Something Else” installment. This one-year minor league also played several years in the NFL, but perhaps his most notable sporting moment came in yet another sports. Keep an eye open to find out who I’m talking about.
  • This weekend, I expect to have another interesting link to share.
  • Next week, there will be a column and possibly some other things.
  • Also in the works: an Olympic baseball preview (will happen once rosters are revealed).
  • A Bizarre Baseball Culture piece and Breaking OOTP are also in development, but I’m not sure when they’ll be up.
  • Further down the line: “International Baseball Culture” and some musings on who will be on World Baseball Classic rosters whenever the next one comes around.

The rebirth of the Baseball Continuum

Well, as you noticed, I’m back. Yes, the Baseball Continuum is back. I know that I’ve said that before, but this time it is for real. At least, to a certain degree of real.

So first I’ll be up front about it: I won’t be doing stuff every day. Maybe not even every week. But going forward, I want to have a steadier output of material. Sometimes it will be based on what’s going on in baseball, sometimes it’ll be about what I see online baseball-wise, sometimes it may have something to do with baseball history, and sometimes it might not be baseball-based at all.

And, of course, I’ll try to have some of my more “famous” (for lack of a better word) features like “Bizarre Baseball Culture” and “Breaking OOTP.” Only time will tell, however.

So, yes, the Baseball Continuum is back. So stick around.