Coming in 2018: The Baseball Continuum truly returns

Coming in 2018: The true return of the Baseball Continuum.

No, seriously. Well, sort of.

You see, the reason for the Baseball Continuum in the first place was that I was unemployed. So I had a ton of time and nowhere to write (outside of the occasional freelance gig).

But for the last, oh, year and a half… I’ve had a job. And I’ve been busy doing it. So the amount of free time I have went downwards. And so the amount of time I had for the blog also went downwards. Eventually I basically stopped doing anything on it.

However, next year, I want to try again. It won’t be daily, but I’m hoping I can maybe get something up at least once a week, or failing that once a month.

So get ready.



UPDATE: Change of plans for this week’s installment


Originally, this week’s installment of Baseball Continuum Weekly was to be a Bizarre Baseball Culture. But after remembering that the WBC rosters will be released tonight, I’m changing course. Sometime later this week you’ll see an early WBC roster analysis, and NEXT WEEK you’ll see a Bizarre Baseball Culture.

Thank you.

A preview of what is coming up in the next few weeks and months

So, now that the Baseball Continuum is back, albeit on a weekly basis (more or less), what can you expect in the coming weeks an months? Here’s a preview:

  • World Baseball Classic coverage. There are some rumors that should this coming WBC not make enough money, it could be the last WBC, at least for a good long while. So, I will be making a case for the World Baseball Classic. This will be sometime in the next week.
  • Bizarre Baseball Culture will return with a tribute to something from my childhood: The Power Rangers! That will come in the lead-up to the gritty Power Rangers movie reboot nobody asked for but honestly doesn’t look as bad as I thought.
  • Finally finishing that Chicago travelogue, seeing as how it now feels like a half-year old.
  • And more!

So stayed tuned to the Baseball Continuum!

BLOG DEALINGS: The Return of the Baseball Continuum

Miss me?

Well, I’ve been gone awhile. But now I aim to get back to this blog. I won’t be able to do it as much as I once did- I have a job now, and other occasional responsibilities. That said, starting next week I hope to have at least one post every week, hopefully of a high quality.

That said, a few notes:

  • Sadly, I won’t be able to do another blogathon. For one thing, I wouldn’t have the time since I work weekends. For another, even if I did have the time it is way too late to get all of the pieces together for this weekend. Sorry!
  • I also will have to drastically scale back my WBC coverage, for similar reasons.
  • That said, I do hope to do features like Bizarre Baseball Culture, taking advantage of my new weekly format to put even more attention and effort into them!

So… welcome back to the Baseball Continuum, now in a weekly format!